9/11 Memorial Trail, With Stops in Bucks County, Receives Major Donation from New Business Partner

Image via Sen. Steve Santarsiero (Facebook)

A national trail, which goes through a part of Bucks County, just announced a major partnership that also came with a hefty donation.

The September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance announced today a major Corporate Partnership with WM, formally known as Waste Management. The announcement was made at Washington Crossing State Park on Wednesday.

WM is supporting the alignment of the trail at their facility in Plainfield Township. They are also making a $50,000 donation to the Alliance to continue the work of connecting communities and the memories of Sept. 11, 2001.  

“Working together, the vision for the future aligns in supporting the development of a trail in several communities throughout the Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland New York, Virginia and Washington DC areas,” said Andrew Hamilton, the trail’s Board Chairman.

Representatives Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), and Don Beyer (D-VA), championed this legislation.  The bill previously passed the House of Representatives 423-0 and in the Senate by unanimous consent. 

“As a major employer, landowner and member of many communities across the Greater Mid-Atlantic region, WM continues to work for a more sustainable tomorrow,” said Adrienne Fors, the Greater Mid-Atlantic’s Senior Community Relations Specialist.

WM is a member of many communities across North America and is a champion of helping communities get outside, get healthy, educating about the environment and sustainability while at the same time providing a very valuable and essential service.

“The September 11th National Memorial Trail is honored for this partnership,” said Hamilton. “The trail is the newest nationally legislated trail in the United States and signed into law on Oct. 13, 2021.”

The federal legislation of the trail places it and the communities it goes through at the same level as the Trail of Tears, the Pacific Coast Trail, and the Appalachian Trail and their communities.

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