Warminster-Based Arbutus Biopharma Receives Key Patent in Decade-Long Pursuit of Hepatitis B Cure

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The grants will allow the center to research important medical subjects.

Warminster-based Arbutus Biopharma has received a key patent in its ongoing pursuit of a cure for chronic hepatitis B infection. John George wrote about the Bucks County company for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The company has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that will provide Arbutus with exclusivity for its AB-729 RNAi therapeutic product until at least April 2038.

Arbutus is currently testing AB-729 in several mid-stage clinical trials. The experimental therapeutic reduces all hepatitis B viral proteins and antigens, which is a key prerequisite to “reawakening” a patient’s immune system to respond to the virus.

“AB-729 is our lead clinical-stage asset that we believe is capable of being a cornerstone agent in the treatment regimen to provide a functional cure for patients with chronic Hepatitis B,” said William Collier, CEO of Arbutus.

A cure that would treat hepatitis B would potentially be a blockbuster. According to World Health Organization estimates, more than 290 million people around the globe suffer from chronic hepatitis B. Around 2.4 million of these are in the United States.

Arbutus’ primary focus is on finding a cure for the hepatitis B virus.

Read more about Arbutus Biopharma in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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