Tullytown 9/11 Memorial Utilizes a Piece of Steel From Tower 2 To Commemorate Those Lost in the Tragedy

Image via Gilmore & Son Welding & Fabricating, LLC
A piece of steel from Tower 2 sits in the middle of the Tullytown memorial.

A Sept. 11 memorial in Tullytown contains a piece of the felled Tower 2 as its centerpiece, bringing a piece of history to Bucks County. Alicia Roberts wrote about the local memorial for CBS Philadelphia.

As mourners gathered at memorials around the country, residents of and visitors to Tullytown were able to see a piece of American history that adorns their 9/11 memorial. A piece of steel from Tower 2, one of the Manhattan buildings destroyed 21 years ago, sits in the middle of the memorial vigil. Gilmore & Son Welding & Fabricating, LLC added the historic piece, which was donated by Widener Metal, Inc.

The piece of the building was recently added to the vigil, making it another Bucks County memorial that has an actual piece of the Twin Towers.

“This is the tears of all them looking down on us,” said David Pearl, the co-chairman of the memorial. “They’re proud of us.”

Mike Miller, a first responder that was at Ground Zero the day of the attacks, was present at the ceremony.

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to try to help, but there’s just sometimes that you constantly sense it, feel it,” he said.  

Read more about the Bucks County memorial at CBS Philadelphia.

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