Lahaska-Based Fashion Retailer Partners With Environmentally-Friendly Clothing Company

image via Bucks County Herald
Both Village Outfitters and Fox & Holly have both partnered with Tentree.

A popular fashion retailer in Lahaska has partnered with an enviromentally-friendly clothing company for a good cause. Staff writers at the Bucks County Herald wrote about the local business’ sustainable practices.

LSL Brands recently partnered with Tentree at two of their Bucks County stores; Fox & Holly and Village Outfitters in Peddler’s Village. A third store in Cape May, New Jersey is also included in this partnership.

Through selling products by the clothing brand, ten trees will be planted in areas where they are needed most for each item of clothing sold. The Bucks County retailer has helped Tentree plant 22,990 trees in the past year.

Both Peddler’s Village shops have a large clientele, so the opportunity for more trees too be planted have been multiplied by the recent partnership.

The recent partnership between the two companies is a great example of Bucks County businesses taking the initiative to help promote environmentally-friendly practices through their commerce.

Read more about LSL Brand’s recent partnership at the Bucks County Herald.

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