Could that Remote Job Listing be Misleading You About it Actually Being Remote?

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While remote work is not for everyone, many have still been ecstatic to be able to work from home. It means getting time back from your commute, a more relaxed dress code, and the freedom to help take care of pets and kids without hiring help.

A lot of jobs have grown to facilitate this new work routine, but according to The Wall Street Journal, other jobs are misleading applicants by claiming to be remote when they are not.

Some jobs might mislead you by saying remote in the title, but then you have to read through all the details to find the truth.

Buried near the bottom of the posting may be requirements saying you will still be expected to come in to the office on a hybrid schedule, or for important meetings. And for people who were truly looking for a fully remote position, that feels like a bait and switch.

While it can feel deceptive, it is not all nefarious. Some people have different interpretations of what remote work means, causing some employers to genuinely consider a position eligible to be considered remote even if it is only hybrid.

Other times, the employer does not specify the nature of the job, so the listing may automatically give it a designation that could be inaccurate.

However, other positions lead to frustration by getting candidates’ hopes up through not revealing their entire plan.

For instance, some jobs are listed as remote, but then in the interview, the manager may reveal it is only remote for the time being and they are working on trying to get everyone back in the office.

This has created an environment of much consternation for job seekers who are clear about what they want. Many candidates feel like no employer would ever tolerate a candidate misrepresenting themselves in such a way just to get an interview, so why should the candidates have to put up with it?

Despite these issues, it does remain true that remote work is far more plentiful now. It could just be a matter of having to sift through the positions that are not being fully transparent about it.

To learn more about how to spot employers who are not being truthful about if the job is remote, check out The Wall Street Journal article here.


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