5 Tips for Managing a Part-time Job When You’re Already Employed Full-time

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If you are looking to earn more from your work, ideally you could just get a raise or more hours from your job. If that isn’t feasible, you might look for other full-time work.

But sometimes nothing falls into place there or you just can’t find that higher salary. That might mean it’s time to consider taking on a part-time job in addition to your full-time one.

As the job board Monster describes, getting a part-time job can be a good way to supplement your income provided you know how to manage both jobs.

Clear it with Your Boss

You might assume whatever you do off your main company’s time is your business. The paperwork you signed at employment may say otherwise.

Some companies outright stipulate they don’t want you working elsewhere while with them. Make sure you double-check.

Look into Remote Positions

Even if your main job is in the office, it might be better to work remote for your part-time job. That way you can spare yourself the extra commute time which can really eat into your schedule. See what is available to do from home first.

Keep Each Company’s Time Separate

Even if your main company is okay with you working elsewhere, they definitely won’t be fine with you doing work for somewhere else on their time.

Regardless of how trivial it seems to you, don’t use any company property or time to do work for another company, or you may wind up losing a job.

Be Ready for Unideal Hours

If your main job is 9-5 each weekday, obviously your time to pick up extra work is pretty limited. Expect to sacrifice your weekends or even start working night shifts.

There won’t be more hours in the day, so you simply have to cut back on other parts of your life.

Know Why You’re Doing This

Working two jobs can be exhausting, but it helps if you know it will only be for so long. Is it to help pay down debts? Maybe to bring in extra money while your spouse is ill? Have an idea of how long you will need to stretch yourself thin.

Picking up a second job is absolutely doable when you know what to expect. Develop a plan now to start making the transition as easy as possible for you.

For more on how to add a part-time job into your work schedule, check out what was said on Monster here.


Mayuko offers tips for managing the demands of a part-time job.


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