Don’t Make These 7 Deadly Career Planning Mistakes

Young woman realizes her mistake at work
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It is often the case that you do not realize you are making a mistake until it is too late to avoid the consequences. But you oftentimes have a nagging feeling of doubt, and if you chose to read this then you are probably having some doubts about your career.

Courtesy of Forbes, here are some habits and moves you definitely want to avoid to keep your career healthy. Learn from them now before it is too late to avoid these career pitfalls.

No Plan

Are you just getting the job done, going home each day, and then rinse and repeat? You won’t advance further without ambitious plans for what you want next and how to get there.

Not Networking

When was the last time you tried to meet new people in your field? If it has been a few years, it is likely some of your network has dried up as people move on to new things. Don’t let yourself go to use your network only to find you barely have one.

Burning Bridges

Never deliberately make enemies. It might be emotionally satisfying to tell someone off and let them know how little you truly think of them. But the fact is, if you get people angry at you, you never know how they may hurt you later down the road.

Suppose you tell of your boss as you quit only to have them turn up at your new job years later.

Becoming Complacent

Have you outgrown your job but lack the motivation to find something better? Growing stagnant will give you less salary and opportunities than you deserve throughout your career.

Never Putting Down Roots

Some people always have the fear of missing out. In your career, that could mean not being able to stop thinking about that other company that interested you.

Don’t get caught up in thinking there is one perfect place for you. If your current job makes you happy, focus on that instead of fantasizing about what could have been.

Not Seeking Advice

Everyone should develop a collection of people whom they trust. Who do you look up to as a mentor? You need people who have been down that road who you can trust to seek guidance from.

No Longer Building Your Skills

Even if you have learned everything you can from your current job, you should still be developing new skills on your own. Take online workshops and courses to learn new things. The world never stops advancing, so why should you?

As you can see, many of these problems are actually a result of inaction. Sometimes the worst mistake you can make is what you aren’t doing.

For more on the detriment these moves can have and how to avoid them, refer to the Forbes post here.


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