Newtown Homeowner Wishes His Dwelling a Happy 200th Birthday, Throws the Structure a Party

stone house
Image via Google Maps.
Business location of Anthony Petsis and Associates, Inc., a building that turned 200 this year and was celebrated appropriately with a party.

In the climax to the Dec.’s perennial film It’s a Wonderful Life, character George Bailey runs down the street of his hometown and bids his business — a building and loan — a Merry Christmas. Tony Petsis of Newtown has done something similar, as reported by Jeff Warner in the Advance of Bucks County.

Instead of Yuletide wishes, Petsis recently wished his commercial building a happy birthday.

It’s an understandable salutation, given the property’s age: 200 years.

The structure now holds Anthony Petsis and Associates, Inc., the eponymous financial planning firm. It was constructed in 1822 by Samuel Phillips, back when its State Street location was a dirt road.

Petsis’ party comprised guests, a live band, gift baskets, and a catered lunch.

The fete had several objectives: celebrate the building’s longevity, recognize current business clients, and raise funds for the Newtown Historic Association.

Petsis’ restoration work has been extensive. But several original elements remain, including a 30-foot basement well.

“I’ve been told that if you go down there to the bottom of that well you’ll find a bunch of artifacts,” said Petsis.

Was a party for four walls and a roof a bit over the top? Not here.

“It’s not every year that your building turns 200,” said the homeowner.

More on Tony Petsis and his honored home is at the Advance of Bucks County.

The owner of an historic building in Newtown gave it celebratory birthday wishes,
much like George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) did with Christmas tidings to his office in It’s a Wonderful Life (1946).