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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is rolling out a new series of one-credit courses for current MBA students or anyone seeking to hone their business acumen.

Each one-credit course explores a topic related to business management and consists of sessions over two Saturdays, available in both live and synchronous (Zoom) formats.

The Catalogue

Course selections, instructors, and dates are as follows.

Navigating Difficult Conversations: Charlene Bergstresser, September 10, 17, 2022 

This course tackles the diverse types of difficult conversations that can interfere with forward movement and career success. Experiential exercises facilitate learned application of tools and skills for effectively navigating these difficult conversations. This course is intended for those who are willing to do personal reflection and practice to achieve greater success with the challenging conversations they face.

Analysis with Microsoft Power BI: Donna Reed, October 15, 22, 2022

Discover advanced analytics to gain important insights, transform data into breakthroughs, solve business problems, and help business users monitor key performance indicators in real time.

Crypto Currency: Brad Barnhorst, January 28, February 4, 2023

Cryptocurrency: What is it? Is it a recommended investment strategy? Are there benefits? What are the negatives? Find out what the best options are. 

Economic Training, Formulating Fiscal Policies: Dr. Tahereh Hojjat, February 2023

As economics plays a major role in our personal and professional life, the objective of this course is to introduce economic analysis and policy formulation to stabilizing the economy. Attendees will be provided with a systematic understanding of critical aspects of some economic issues such as inflation, unemployment, and fiscal and monetary policy. It will also examine how the force of globalization affects individuals and their careers.

 Everyday Project Management: Jody Rennie, April 15, 22, 2023

Everyone handles projects, both professional and personal. This course provides the basic tools, knowledge, insights, and skills project managers need to plan, execute, and control projects. It covers defining a scope, creating plans, scheduling, balancing interrelated activities, identifying resources, executing project plans, and managing risk. Exercises and activities allow participants to apply the skills immediately and reinforce learning.

 Introduction to Consulting: May 13, 20, 2023

This course provides students with core skills needed to develop a consulting engagement, including selling a project, entering the client firm, gathering data, diagnosing issues, implementing solutions, and exiting with success.

Why Take a One-Credit Course?

Focused and Timely Topics

One-credit courses are laser focused on a particular subject matter that will support current and future job needs. The DeSales roster of one-credit courses support nearly all MBA concentration areas.

Accelerated Pace

Keep it moving. In a matter of 2–3 weeks, attendees can complete a credit. Degree-seeking individuals will move toward their “finish line” at a quicker pace.


Classes can be a combination of live instruction, online, or flex, which combines the best of both. Most are scheduled over a few weekends.


At one-third the credit load, these classes are also one-third the cost. That makes them ideal for students who may not have enough remaining in an annual tuition assistance plan to cover the $880 cost of a full three-credit course. Moreover, DeSales MBA alumni receive a 20 percent discount on classes.

Details are available online, via email, or by phone (610.282.1100 x1450).

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