Chalfont Student — Adopted as a Guatemalan Infant — Earns Scholarship, Commits to Helping Others

woman and student
Image via Warrington Lions Club.
Central Bucks – South graduating senior Jamie Hennigan (right) received the Warrington Lions Club scholarship, presented by Club President Kathleen Welsh Beveridge.

Jamie Hennigan of Chalfont — with her 3.5 GPA and twin studies at Central Bucks High School – South and Middle Bucks Institute of Technology — is the 2022 recipient of a Warrington Lion’s Club scholarship.

Hennigan’s academics, combined with her backstory, made the award an easy one to bestow on her.

She was born in Guatemala and almost immediately put up for adoption.

She came to Bucks County following her welcome into a close-knit, single-parent home. Her new mom, product of a large clan herself, sought to recreate the familial warmth of her past.

With full knowledge of how that advantage has changed her forever, Hennigan is committed to giving back. Her collegiate plans are for an Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy degree from East Stroudsburg University, where she’ll start this fall.

The Lion’s Club $1,000 scholarship is a solid beginning to that promise.

“As I look forward to all that lies ahead, my dreams of attending college and hopes of working in the medical field are within reach,” Hennigan shared. “I am excited to imagine a career that allows me to give back to others, like those who have given so much to me.

“It is my desire to use my profession to touch communities and individuals who are less fortunate and have the greatest of need,” she concluded.

More on how the Warrington Lions Club has changed lives like that of Jamie Hennigan is online.