From Forbes, 7 Things You Should Never Tell Your Boss

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It is totally possible that you will develop friendships with your manager or supervisor. But never let that make you too comfortable. Remember, your boss is first and foremost your employer.

If you start getting too casual with what you say to them, they may get fed up and utilize their power to take away your ability to earn an income there anymore.

To stay on good terms with your boss, avoid mentioning any of these topics that Forbes outlined.

You’re Looking Elsewhere

Imagine how you’d feel if your boss said they were looking to replace you. You’d start looking for other work, and your boss will start looking for other hires if you admit you are looking to leave.


People often make ultimatums thinking the other party won’t call their bluff. Nobody is irreplaceable, so don’t make the mistake of acting like it.

You Don’t Like the Company

Even if the job is bad, don’t make the mistake of assuming everyone else feels the same way. Your boss might be very proud of the business.


You might think sharing what your coworkers are saying is endearing you to your boss. Instead, they are wondering what secrets of theirs you must be sharing as well.

You Need Money

At best, this makes you sound desperate and manipulative. At worst, it makes you sound financially irresponsible.


The people who always have some salacious story to tell are ultimately making themselves look bad. Eventually, people will wonder why you always seem to be at the center of so much drama.


Even if you are fed up with a coworker’s behavior, storming into your boss’s office and telling them they need to fix this is not going to resolve it. Hold your tongue and wait for a calmer way to handle this.

Avoiding these subjects does not make you disingenuous. It is simply practicing tact and social awareness so you do not jeopardize your career.

For the full list of conversations you should never have with your boss, check out the article from Forbes here.


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