Cyclists Out for Either Speed or Spectacle Have Two Prime Bucks County Options

foot on a pedal
Image via anyaberku at iStock.
Philadelphia Magazine recommends two Bucks County bicycle routes for best-of rides in the area.

Two Bucks County bike trails are among the 21 best cycle-spots in the region, according to Philadelphia Magazine. They are recommendable to both the serious rider looking for a cardio blast and the hobbyist out for some fresh air and pleasant views.

Both goals are achievable at the Delaware Canal Towpath; it’s great for an athletic long ride and a beauty-filled short jaunt.

Seasoned saddler sitters (with plenty of padding in their shorts) can try for the entire length — just shy of 60 miles. Want less? The pathway has a number of loops that facilitate an out-and-back afternoon.

In either case, the landscape is high with eye-appeal as the natural surroundings shift and evolve. The route was originally used for mules pulling cargo along the waterway, so most of the riding is aside the peaceful banks of the canal. Five bridges provide riders with access to and N.J.:

  1. Uhlerstown
  2. Lumberville
  3. Center Bridge
  4. Washington Crossing
  5. Morrisville.

Southeast from Delaware Canal State Park is the Tyler State Park Trail, Philly Mag‘s second Bucks recommendation. It is perfectly suited to casual riders and younger family members.

It is, however, popular with pedestrians, dog walkers, parents pushing strollers, rollerbladers, hover-boardists, skateboard riders, scooter kids, and other such wheeled recreationalists.

Caution is always a good idea.

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