Bush-League Driver Damages Hilltown Township Homeowner’s Shrubbery, Simply Drives Off

black truck in driveway
Image via Hilltown Township Police at YouTube.
This hit-and-run driver near Sellersville victimized a row of trees in a homeowner's driveway.

An incidence of hit and run was captured on a home’s security cam in Hilltown Township near Sellersville. The accident left no apparent injuries, except those inflicted on the property’s landscaping. Josh Popichak peered through the brush to provide details in the Saucon Source.

The incident happened on May 20 at about 6:15 p.m. on Diamond Street.

Security footage shows an empty driveway with row of tall shrubs on one side.

Without warning, a black pickup truck, traveling southbound, veers into the driveway. The left side of the truck sweeps into the bushes, striking several of them. The driver then quickly back out onto Diamond and continues southward toward Orchard Road.

“The driver made no attempt to notify the property owner of the obvious damage to the trees, which will require them to be removed,” police said in a Crimewatch post.

The trees’ value was not estimated; however, considering their height, breadth, and extent of damage, it’s likely to be an expensive fix returning the property to its former look.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the Hilltown Township Police Department.

More on this horticultural hit and run is at the Saucon Source.