Gasping for Breath from Inadequate State Medicaid Payments, Fox Subacute at Warrington Closes Pulmonary Center

woman in hospital bed
Image via Fox Subacute at Warrington at Facebook.
Fox Subacute at Warrington specialized in treating patients on ventilators.

Fox Subacute the Warrington pulmonary care center, has closed, transferring 35 of its 48 respiratory patients to other nearby facilities. The business proved unsustainable when state Medicaid payments proved inadequate to cover rising operational costs. John George reported the story for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The healthcare entity specialized in ventilator-dependent patients. It had 60 beds and about 100 employees.

The decision to shutter was made in late March, with the final locking of the doors happening earlier this week.

Nearly all its operating costs were covered by Medicaid. When budget strains related to the COVID-19 pandemic at its onset became impediments to long-term viability, the Pa. General Assembly allocated additional funding.

The $2 million resource across all state providers enabled Fox Subacute to navigate 2021; however, continued expenditures for supplies and personnel quickly overcame the augmented finances.  

According to the Pa. Health Care Association, Fox Subacute at Warrington is the 12th nursing home/long-term care facility to close across the state since COVID-19 became a widespread health crisis.

More on this story is at the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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