Of All the Teeth That Take a Bite Out of Your Paycheck, Bucks County’s Hurt Much Less Than Elsewhere

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Image via Andrea Piacquadio at Pexels.
Bucks County paychecks statistically outpace most of those of other counties in a statewide comparison.

Bucks County ranks among the most paycheck friendly places in Pa., according to a recently released report by SmartAsset.

To determine the paycheck friendliness of each county in the state, SmartAsset used four main metrics:

  • Semi-monthly paycheck
  • Purchasing power
  • Unemployment rate
  • Income growth

Bucks County came second in the state, with an overall paycheck friendliness index of 59.68.

According to the report, the average semi-monthly paycheck in the county is $1,601, higher than the $1,589 state average. This puts the county in sixth place statewide.

Meanwhile, local purchasing power was rated at 2.17, significantly higher than the state’s 1.53. The statistic represents the third-highest in a county-by-county analysis.

An additional boost came from Bucks County’s low unemployment rate. It came in No. 13 with 5.3 percent. The state unemployment rate is 6.3 percent.

The county also placed at No. 22 based on income growth, with a three percent uptick. Albeit small, it still outpaced state performance, now averaging 2.7 percent.

For the region, all the Philadelphia collar counties ranked near the top. Chester County ranked first; Delaware County was fourth; Montgomery County came in fifth.

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