Bristol Philanthropist’s Donation Frees up Students’ Head Space for Academics Rather than Finances

Gene Epstein (right) presents check to Josh Sweigard (left), Business Manager at BTSD
Image via Gene Epstein at Levittown Now.
Gene Epstein (right) presents check to Josh Sweigard (left), Business Manager at BTSD

Bucks County philanthropist Gene Epstein’s ability to donate needed dollars came from a long-term, successful career as a car dealer and real estate mogul. The impetus behind his beneficence came much earlier, stemming back to his childhood, reports Levittown Now.

He was only a youngster when his father passed away. He quickly began chipping in, raising household money to help his widowed mother. First, he repaired bicycles. Then he took one paper route, followed by a second.

The lessons of those early struggles, especially related to the value of education, stayed with him.

Epstein, through a humanitarian fund he runs with his wife, provided $20,000 to help students and their families in Bristol Township School District. How — and to whom — the largesse was divvied up was a decision left to a committee of local social workers, school counselors and nurses. 

The school district ended up assisting several families. Committee members used Epstein’s gift to pay rent, buy food and clothing, repair vehicles and solve other strokes of bad economic luck. 

The gifts eased students’ general concerns for family resources, freeing them to focus solely on academics, according to school district officials. 

“Many children face undesirable conditions at home that are related to finances and completely out of their control,” said Epstein. “I wanted to help get students through that and take the stress off of them at home.” 

“With basic needs like clothing, food and shelter covered, students can now focus on their educations. I believe in education for everybody,” he added. 

More about this generous outreach is available at Levittown Now

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