Region-wide Egg Shortage Beats Down Easter Sales at Local Bakeries


It’s a familiar story these days. Egg costs are skyrocketing, because of a supply shortage.

This time, it’s an outbreak of bird flu, writes Joe Holden for CBS3 Philly.

Limited supplies and price hikes are creating challenges for local bakeries like Traub’s Bakery in Prospect Park, Delaware County, for Easter celebrations this weekend.

“I’ve never seen this happen — like nobody’s ever seen this happen with the eggs,” said Michelle Faragalli , manager of the bakery on Rt. 420.

The shortage is affecting bakery availability of a big seller this time of year: Easter bread.

Traub’s reputation for Easter bread is outstanding, so much so that Joe Coyle comes in from South Philly to pick it up. “They’re so good,” he said.

“We sell hundreds of Easter bread for the holidays,” Faragalli added.

And there’s egg in it.

“There’s egg in everything, unfortunately,” Faragalli said.

Traub’s Bakery employees are working hard to avoid product disruptions, but they can’t do much about the price.

A bucket of eggs a few weeks ago was $30. Now it’s $90.

“We go through a whole bucket just for a batch of buttercream icing,” Faragalli said. “It’s crazy. It’s the bird flu and everything.”

Read more at CBS3 Philly about the egg crisis at local bakeries.

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