Post-Holiday Peddler’s Village: Still the No. 1 Local Attraction, Says Philadelphia Business Journal

Peddler's Village gazebo in the snow
Image via Peddler's Village at Instagram.
Even in January, Peddler's Village retains a beauty and charm worth visiting.

Santa is obviously out of New Hope and back at his North Pole HQ, now bingeing on WandaVision. And the Easter Bunny hasn’t even stirred from his hibernation. But their absences don’t mean that one of their signature Bucks County spots — Peddler’s Village — isn’t ripe for a wintertime visit.

The destination, named the number-one local tourist attraction by the Philadelphia Business Journal in 2021 having drawn over 2.25 million visitors in 2020, has plenty of warmth even during January’s coldest days.

The PBJ nod was especially notable because it came at a time when tourism was at an all-time low, tamped down nationwide by the raging COVID-19 pandemic. But the New Hope site saw an increase in both visitors — drawn to its open-air layout and absence of entry fee — and retailers.

As of May 2021, Peddler’s Village is fully leased.

Summertime expanded the destination’s outdoor activities, with the addition of a tented performance space for entertainment.

Even now, amid January’s wintertime bite, the events calendar remains active. January sales are still in effect, and an array of baking classes provide interactive sessions with a (safe) social component.

February will bring Valentine’s Day restaurant offerings, and by March, with the onset of warmer weather, the village will abound with a massive PEEPS display in time for the Easter holidays.

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