Great Skates: Bucks County Is Graced with Numerous Sites for Traditional Pond Ice Skating

couple on ice
Image via Pavel Danilyuk at Pexels.
Bucks County has numerous sites for outdoor ice skating.

The blustery January weather has gotten Bucks County off to a full-bore parka, mittens, scarf, double-socks, chapped skin winter. But there’s something bracing in facing the cold outside, on its own terms, and finding enjoyable things to do. Like good, old-fashioned ice skating — traditional, outdoor-style. Visit Bucks County has a list of fresh-air sites that are easy on the budget and big on enjoyment.

According to the county’s tourism organization, the following public parks offer the opportunity to strap on the blades and glide across local waters:

  • Core Creek Park, Langhorne
  • Nockamixon State Park, Quakertown
  • Lake Towhee Park, Applebachsville
  • Oxford Valley Park, Fairless Hills
  • Peace Valley Park, New Britain
  • Tinicum Park, Erwinna

Jessica Wynne Lockhart, for the Canadian publication Cottage Life, offers a few pointers on how to safely step on the ice and zip away.

She recommends attempting outdoor skating on ponds covered by at least 7.5 inches of ice, especially when skating with a group. The sure way to gauge thickness is with an auger, and she highly suggests it’s worth drilling down with one and measuring to be sure.

Moreover, the ice should be steely blue, not white, not black. Blue indicates a solid freeze without trapped air or moving water beneath.

Last, skating with a partner is always a good idea. If you must set out on your own, notify someone before lacing up.

Or, you can always go the do-it-yourself route and create a rink right in your yard.

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