Don’t Shovel That Snow Just Yet!


Shoveling snow can be harder than it looks. Grand View Health in Sellersville wants you to consider these recommendations first.

I heaved the box into my parents’ house. My mom stared at me in alarm.

“You’re out of breath!” she exclaimed in horror.

You’d be out of breath too if you had carried an overpacked moving box up two flights of stairs. But my mom doesn’t carry moving boxes up flights of stairs. She has people for that.

Me. I’m the people she has for that.

Physical exertion is not my mom’s top priority on any given day – snow days chief among them.

I’m guessing you’ve figured out who shovels her snow.

Should you also use an unwitting daughter to clear away the white stuff? Or is it better to just get out there yourself?

Consider the circumstances, suggests Grand View Health. If other people’s physical exertion is cause for consternation, your own will probably appall you. Let someone else tackle your driveway.

The quality of the snow should also affect your decision. Light, fluffy snow is less demanding to remove than heavy, wet snow – regardless of depth.

If you do decide to get out there, some signs of trouble include chest pain, nausea, and shortness of breath. Any of these could indicate a heart attack; call 911 immediately.

Then call me. I’ll finish your driveway.

For tips on safe snow removal, including determining if your clothes and shovel match the job at hand, from Sellersville’s Grand View Health, click here.

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