Career Corner: 9 Reasons Why You Should Use LinkedIn

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While LinkedIn has been around since 2003, some people never got into it. Perhaps you are one of them and just assumed it was something you’d never use, and now regard it as yet another niche social media platform.

That’s far from the truth, as LinkedIn can actually help out your career in many ways if you give it a chance. Courtesy of Socialize, here are some of the top reasons you should try out LinkedIn.


It’s the digital age, so don’t limit yourself to in-person networking. LinkedIn is all about forming new connections.

Job Searches

Have you not had the best luck with Indeed or Glassdoor? Maybe that’s a cue to try the job listings from LinkedIn, shown to you directly from the company accounts.


It’s not all about the jobs. LinkedIn connections can also offer advice on how to better develop your skills to get where you want to be.

Display of Expertise

Your LinkedIn page allows you to list your proficiencies, effectively giving interested recruiters a window into your skills prior to even receiving a resume from you. This could easily prompt the managers to reach out to you.

Following Companies

Adding a company to your newsfeed is a great way to stay up to date with their achievements, as well as their job openings.

Helping with Research

You should research any company you apply for. LinkedIn simplifies that by handily having company accounts at your disposal to peruse.

Coworker Connections

That former coworker could be a great connection to help you land a job, but maybe you aren’t exactly friends enough to connect on Facebook. LinkedIn is a happy middle ground for professional connections.

Brand Building

Plenty of people pay to have personal websites nowadays. LinkedIn is a great free method to help get your name out there.

Helping Employers Google You

Many people loathe being Googled by companies, not wanting their personal privacy invaded. But the solution is not to leave no trace of yourself! Instead, control the narrative by making sure professional achievements show up, like your LinkedIn page.

You’ll never know how much LinkedIn could help you if you never try. Change up your strategy with something new and see how these benefits could make a difference.

If you are intrigued and want to learn more how LinkedIn can benefit you, read Socialize’s post about it here.


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