Bucks County Bakeries Ensure That Your Cookies for Santa Aren’t Cut from a Dough Log Thawed from the Freezer

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Image via Alan Smithee at the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board.
Rillings Bakery excels at making Springerle cookies; the German anise-flavored treats are not an easy task.

Christmas cookies bring back warm memories of kitchens filled with the scent of vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate. But they’re also a lot of work — especially during a calendar-crowded time of year. Trusting your to cookie needs to Bucks County bakeries is not only a time-saver but also ensures deliciousness without even touching your oven.

The following recommendations were taken from Yelp reviews.

Just as you and your family are busy in December, so are these bakeries. If you’re ordering, best to do it early.

Crossroads Bake Shop

812 N. Easton Rd., Doylestown

The classic snickerdoodle, a Christmas cookie staple, is one of the sweet spots of this bakery. Its bakers also offer Speculaas (or speculoos), a European spiced short-crust biscuit that is a St. Nicholas Day (December 6) traditional sweet.

Fritz’s Bakery

360 N. Oxford Valley Rd., Langhorne; 4201 Neshaminy Blvd., Neshaminy/Bensalem

Talk about multiculturalism! Despite the Germanic name attached to this multi-location shop, Yelp rates its chocolate chip cannoli as a sure-fire winner.

Italian People’s Bakery

1142 Woodbourne Rd., Levittown

The cannoli produced by Italian People’s Bakery reflect decades of perfecting the proper cooling of the dough, the expertise to fry the shells to perfection, and the proper equipment to fill them.

H.F. Hornberger Bakery

2217 Galloway Rd. Bensalem

The evaluation of a proper macaron is its “feet,’ the ruffles on the edges of each shell that show its rise in the baking process. H. F. Hornberger, with its 100-year history of local baking, ensures beautiful feet. A tray of the red and green varieties makes an impressive Christmas dessert display.

Rillings Bakery

868 East Street Rd., Warminster

Rillings tackles springerle cookies, a German sweet that is incredibly labor intensive (it’s a two-day process, with the dough resting overnight). But the result is worth it. These anise-flavored cookies not only taste great, but they’re beautiful. Each is stamped with a seasonal image, making a plateful of them a culinary work of art.

More on where to get the best Christmas cookies from Bucks County bakeries is at Yelp.

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