Rigelsville Mayor Recalls Bigfoot Encounter from 1984: ‘This Thing Let Out a Scream from Hell’


When it comes to the legend of Bigfoot, Riegelsville Mayor Greg Stokes is a believer. He’s been describing a harrowing encounter in Pike County for the past 37 years. Alicia Vitarelli reported the monstrous tale for 6abc.

Stokes was on a camping trip, nestled in his tent. He then heard something large, menacing, and on two feet outside the canvas.

The clincher as to the identity of the intruder came seconds later.

“This thing let out the scream from hell. [I] sat bolt upright in my tent. This thing vibrated my body so hard, I couldn’t see the inside of the tent. And it had this huge, huge resonance. And it was close enough to me that I could hear its lips pop apart when it actually started the scream. It was a very, very low guttural tone,” recalls Stokes.

Mayor Stokes says he’s almost 100 percent convinced of the source of the sound. He leaves some wiggle room, however, because he never actually saw the creature.

He eagerly shares his story, he says, to highlight the possibility of unknown species living in our woodlands.

More on this unforgettable Bigfoot encounter is at 6abc.