Career Corner: What To Do If Working from Home Leads To A Lower Salary?

Woman Working from Home

While there are pros and cons from the employee’s perspective to working remotely versus in the office, the biggest fear for some is that remote work will lead to a lower salary.

While many companies have sustained the same productivity levels even without employees on-site, some employers argue that employees being at home gives them opportunity to slack off.

But are these concerns from either side actually grounded in reality?

As discussed in an article for the Wall Street Journal, if you work remotely you are unlikely to see a lower salary as a punitive measure.

However, employers do tend to offer salaries based on what is standard for the market, as well as the cost of living for the area. So if you work out of state, the company may offer you a lower salary if that is standard for the state you reside in, thus potentially leading to a lower income than your coworkers.

For avoiding this surprise, it is recommended that you take a more active role in researching what the average pay in your line of work is. If the position you are looking at lists a salary range, you can learn what end of that spectrum you are likely to expect if you know what’s comparable in your city.

And as far as disproving your manager’s concerns about lowered productivity, you will have to build a solid track record that leaves no room for doubt.

An unfortunate reality is you may need to perform at a higher level to overcome that assumption from skeptical bosses. But if you can prove your worth, that becomes a pretty solid argument against the necessity for you to be on-site and gives you room to negotiate on whether that is necessary.

For more insight on whether working remotely could play a factor in your salary, read the Wall Street Journal’s piece here.


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