Plumstead Township Family, Aligned with U.S. Trend, Embarks on Pandemic-Inspired Home Renovations

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Image via moccasinlanding at Creative Commons.
A Houzz & Home 2021 study showed that 18 percent of Americans spent the pandemic sprucing up their homes with new windows.

Stuck inside because of the pandemic, millions of Americans (57 percent of them) took hammers, paint brushes and ladders and spruced up their homes. Terri Akman profiled one nearby family and its projects for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The home of Plumstead Township resident Jessica Vogler and her family needed work. Its interior was being plagued by water, which brought on mold.

The problem’s repair sparked a re-do of the home’s façade. The Vogler family also opted for new windows, a change that became an opportunity to reshape the home’s character.

“We also added black gutters and downspouts to contrast with the white siding.” Vogler said. “I love the overall contrast of the black and white for a clean, classic, timeless look.”

Replacing windows, according to a study by Houzz & Home, was a common COVID-19 task. The study showed that 18 percent of Americans invested in new views of the outside.

That home improvement tied with new roofing as a pandemic project.

Painting was the top task; 20 percent of Americans reported breaking out the ladders, drop cloths, and brushes while sheltering at home.

More on the Vogler family and its home renovation is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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