Ben the Turkey, Social Media Star from Bensalem, Turns Out to Be Something of a Ham

turkey in traffic
Image via Kiera Eberly Ruigrok at Facebook.
Bensalem drivers have gotten accustomed to yielding for Ben the Turkey, the area's one-of-a-kind pedestrian.

If 1969 was the Summer of Woodstock, 2021 in Bucks County might be the Summer of Livestock. Marcus Espinoza explains the area’s latest barnyard bigwig, Ben the Turkey, for FOX29 Philadelphia.

The local news cycle over the past handful of months has included mentions of celebrity pygmy goats and a wayward bull.

Joining them now is Ben, a wild turkey who roams throughout Bensalem.

His sightings have caused passersby and commuters to grab their phones for pictures and videos. Ben seems to enjoy the attention.

Because his images were scattered across Facebook, local resident Julie Rosenberg decided to herd them together under a group she created: Bensalem’s Turkey Trot.

It now has more than a thousand fans.

“It just seemed like a time,” Rosenberg said, explaining her motivation for launching the page. “[It was] right around when the kids were going back to school, and there was a lot of controversy and a lot of arguing over issues of the school year.

“So, I felt like people needed something to smile about and laugh about.”

Ben likes to hang out at the Dunkin Donuts at 1301 Bristol Pike, becoming something of a regular.

Manager Justin Johnson often finds him at the back door.

“I’ll give him a little donut treat,” Johnson says.

What flavor?

Old fashioned.

Ben the Turkey is apparently a traditionalist.

More on this story is at FOX29 Philadelphia.

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