Holy Cow! Escapee Bull Runs with the Traffic on Route 113 in Hilltown Township

Bull on Route 113, Hilltown, Bucks County
Image via Michael Massi at Facebook.
An escapee bull steers his way through afternoon traffic on Route 113.

Although bulls run the streets in Pamplona, Spain, each July, nobody expects one in the middle of a Bucks County highway in September. But an escapee bull is exactly what trotted along with afternoon commuters on Wednesday. Michael Tanenbaum corralled the details for PhillyVoice.

A malfunctioning door and perhaps the bull’s sense of doom contributed to the melee. As his transport truck navigated Route 113 in Hilltown Township, on its way to a slaughterhouse, the bull took it on the lam.

He navigated through traffic long enough to have his video shot by an amazed driver with a handy cellphone.

The black-and-white Holstein eventually caught the attention of black-and-white patrol cars, as Hilltown Police were called. He was corralled outside a China Panda restaurant in the Souderton Square Shopping Center, almost at the intersection of Route 309.

He was returned to his owner, with no word on his present fate.

Most times, fugitive livestock in heavily populated areas don’t fare well. But not always.

In Poland, a cow pulled an Andy Dufresne and wound up solo on an island. She was hailed a hero and spent the rest of her life in the lap of luxury being fed by locals.

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