Career Corner: This Year’s Top 10 Best Business Careers

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It has been a tumultuous time for the job market of late, but certain fields have emerged stronger than others. Healthcare is of course in high demand, but there are also some good prospects for those in the business side of things.

U.S. News & World Report has compiled the jobs with the best hiring and salary prospects for 2021, so here are the business careers you should be taking note of.

Software Developer

With so many jobs reliant on computers and phones now, it is only natural that software developers would be in high demand for everything from social media sites to your favorite apps.

A typical salary for this role exceeds $105,000, and in the next decade, this field is expected to expand by 21.5%.


While the focal point of this career is collecting data, you can still apply that to a variety of fields, such as health care, environmental research, or even to a job in professional sports if that is where your passion is.

The role typically requires you to have your Master’s, but you can also expect a salary upwards of $90,000.

Data Scientist

As the name suggests, this role focuses on science from the numbers side of things. A specialization in statistics and computer programming is necessary, but those skills are applicable to tech jobs, government positions, and many more.

Salaries for this position are in the vicinity of $95,000, and job openings are expected to grow by over 30%.

IT Manager

Having reliable, optimized technology is imperative for so many modern companies that having an expert to stay on top of things has become essential. That is why it is important to have someone who is not only knowledgeable about the equipment but can also anticipate company needs for software and hardware updates.

This role typically pays above $145,000 and will see more than 10% growth in upcoming years.

Information Security Analyst

With how dependent we are on computers, they also now contain tons of information that can be exploited by cybercriminals. That is why information security analysts are tasked with safeguarding company systems against attacks and becoming compromised.

This often pays just under $100,000 and will see about a 30% jump in employment growth in the next ten years.

Financial Manager

A financial manager is concerned with the revenue of entire companies rather than individuals. This means tasks like working alongside accounting and helping with profit projections.

Your typical salary will be close to $130,000, and over 100,000 jobs are expected to open up for this role in the coming years.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is a broad term that can apply to a wide range of devices, with that list only expanding as technology advances. Today it can mean things like using computers to design a project while using a 3D printer to create it.

Salaries come in around $88,000 for this job, and over 12,000 new positions are expected to appear in the near future.

Financial Advisor

Now more than ever, people are conscious of what their financial future looks like, which means they want an expert to help guide them.

For helping clients manage their investments and retirement plans you are looking at a salary of around $87,000. Over 11,000 jobs are expected to open up in this area before 2029.


At first glance, you might wonder why cartography would be doing well when there isn’t exactly much of the world that hasn’t been explored. But modern maps need to be made for the digital age, which means interactivity, and optimization for all devices.

This role comes with a salary of around $65,000 and job growth of 4.5% over the next decade.

Marketing Manager

Even the best ideas will fail without proper promotion to make people aware of them. This applies to everything from retailers to hospitals. Companies have to have a storyteller to share who they are.

Such work can pay over $135,000.

As you can see, business careers now trend towards having a lot of knowledge with modern technology. But the options that open up to you are quite varied, with lots of room for well-paying careers wherever your passion lies.

For the list of the best jobs in all fields, be sure to read the article from U.S. News & World Report by clicking here.


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