Freelance Creative Jobs in Demand Despite A.I. Renaissance

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As A.I. jobs and tools become dominant, many creatives are worried about what this means for their employment status. However, robots are not taking over after all.

According to there’s been a surge in freelance design jobs for the first quarter of 2023.  

Freelance creative jobs that have seen growth are T-Shirt Design, Covers & Packaging Design, Corporate Identity Design, followed by Product and 3D Design. also found that there were over 7,400 new Graphic Design jobs and Logo Design jobs jumped by 20.4 percent. Jobs requiring Photoshop skills jumped up from 15.4 percent.  

Other jobs experiencing growth were Digital Marketing and Videography. 

On the flip side, the jobs that plummeted in demand were related to software development, and programming skills.  

Technical writer and report writing jobs also plummeted in 2023’s first quarter, but this is considered typical. Most employers, according to, tend to hire writers in the fourth quarter.  

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