At Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Buckingham, One Artistic Work Funds Another

church in a field
Image via Bucks County Herald.
Artist Denise Callanan-Kline oil painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.

A painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is up for raffle by its creator. The proceeds from that lottery will fund a separate piece of art for the Catholic parish. The Bucks County Herald drew the details together.

Artist Denise Callanan-Kline is donating the proceeds earned from her rendering of the church to purchase a commissioned sculpture of the Madonna and Child.

In capturing the Buckingham building on canvas, Callanan-Kline played to her strong suit as a landscape artist.

“Rather than create an architectural illustration, I chose to set the church in its Bucks County surroundings, which required a little tromping down the field across the road from the church to take some photos,” she said.

The effort, she explained, is a testament to the words of St. John Paul, who said that true art comes at a cost, but the rewards last a lifetime and longer.

She supports the effort to obtain the sculpture because “…our nation desperately needs our Blessed Mother’s presence.”

Callanan-Kline hopes the statue becomes a comfort to those who have lost a child and as a visible symbol of the sanctity of life.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is displaying Callanan-Kline’s painting until October 31, the day of the raffle.

More information, including how to purchase raffle tickets, is at the Bucks County Herald.