Bucks County Individuals in Mental Health Crisis Facilities Need Hope; ‘Tend to Hope’ Fills that Need

Tend to Hope gift bags 2021
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These boxes help those who feel alone.

Tend to Hope, Inc., a nonprofit organization launched in March 2019, caters to individuals in mental health crisis facilities in Bucks County by providing them with “Seeds of Hope” boxes and bags, filled with self-care items and hope-building resources. 

“The intent of these boxes,” according to Tricia Stafford, cofounder of Tend to Hope, “is to help individuals when they are at their most vulnerable point cultivate self-respect and learn ways to nurture hope in their lives.”

The boxes and bags, she states, contain more than the institutional fare most facilities distribute. 

Besides better-quality personal hygiene items, individuals will find cards of encouragement, letters outlining strategies to build hope, small stuffed animals, “stress toys,” attractive journals, and art supplies. 

Ms. Stafford explains that when individuals find themselves in crisis facilities, they are usually frightened, alienated from everything they know, and particularly hungry for kindness and human connection. 

Tend to Hope seeks to uplift them by conveying hope, as well as the message that they are not forgotten.  

Particularly during our current mental health crisis, Ms. Stafford states, “the time is right for society to help those suffering from mental health challenges through a show of community support and compassion.” 

Tend to Hope was borne out of the Stafford family’s personal experience navigating numerous mental health hospitalizations for their young daughter. 

That daughter, Annie, now works in the mental health field herself, speaking in public schools, providing training around mental health issues, and engaging students in donation drives and other creative endeavors to further the nonprofit’s mission. 

Tend to Hope depends on monetary and product donations and invites you to visit their website for more information.

They are located in Hatboro, and their boxes are distributed to facilities throughout the Delaware Valley.   

If you are a social service provider and would like to receive Tend to Hope services, please contact the outreach
by email at tendtohope@gmail.com or call 215.208.6105. 

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