Artwork From Local High School Student Becomes Centerpiece of Morrisville’s LOVE Is the Answer Day

LOVE Is the Answer Day 2021
Image via Levittown Patch.
Carolina Gonzalez-Espino's artwork for LOVE Is the Answer Day, September 17, 2021.

Carolina Gonzalez-Espino, a senior at Harry S. Truman High School in Levittown, will see her benevolent message spread in a big way. It was chosen to brighten up a high-traffic underpass, inspiring everyday kindness for the September 17 LOVE Is the Answer Day observance. Kate Fishman sketched in the details for the Levittown Patch.

LOVE Is the Answer Day is a nationwide movement that began in Los Angeles. Celebrated annually, the event seeks to make a positive difference and create transformative change.

Its four pillars are:

  • L – Learn about your community
  • O – Open your heart to humanity
  • V – Volunteer yourself to be part of the solution
  • E – Empower others to do the same

Gonzalez-Espino used Procreate, a digital illustration app, to depict the four principles in action.

“Through my involvement and participation in designing the mural, I am helping spread and express LOVE is the Answer’s message through art,” said Gonzalez-Espino.

Her vision will come to life at the underpass of Route 1, at the corner of Moreau Street and S. Delmorr Avenue.

“I’m looking forward to finally witness my design portrayed on a big scale and of course, to also collaboratively work together with other fellow student artists,” she said.

More on LOVE Is the Answer Day is at the Levittown Patch.