Road Relief: PennDOT Schedules Pothole Repairs for Five Bucks County State-Owned Highways

Image via CFA Mommy at Creative Commons

The gut-wrenching ka-WHAM of bouncing your car through a bomb-crater in the middle of a Bucks County highway may become a little rarer, thanks to a PennDOT effort. Travel may be restricted over the next few weeks, as road crews patch and fill, but the delays will make spring and summer travel less stressful, reports CBS Philly. 

Six local state routes are on the list for repair: 

  • Route 113, Souderton Road, Hilltown Township 
  • Route 152, West Rockhill and Hilltown townships and Sellersville, Perkasie and Silverdale boroughs 
  • Route 313 (Swamp Road/Dublin Pike), Bedminster, Hilltown, New Britain, Plumstead, and East Rockhill townships and Doylestown and Richland boroughs 
  • Route 663 (John Fries Highway), Milford Township 
  • Minsi Trail, Hilltown Township. 

According to AAA, pothole encounters can wreak havoc on car tires, wheels, suspensions and drivers’ nerves. Even worse, hitting a pothole — or taking the wrong measures to avoid one – could cause a crash and personal injuries. 

Its recommended techniques for avoiding damage (or at least minimizing it) includes keeping tires properly inflated, eliminating driving distractions, and beware of puddles that may hide cavernous pits in the road. 

As to recovery for pothole damage on state-owned highways, a PennDOT claim can be filed, but except in cases of “very limited circumstances,” it will be denied. Affected drivers are welcome to try anyway, calling PennDOT at 215.345.6060 

The CBSPhilly coverage, listing the 50+ roads across the Philadelphia region scheduled for pothole repair, is on its website

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