Travis Manion Foundation, Doylestown, Mobilizes Veterans to Support Afghan Resettlements

TMF Afghan refugee rescues
Image via Travis Manion Foundation at Facebook.

The Travis Manion Foundation (TMF), the Doylestown veteran’s organization, is offering support to the continuing wave of evacuees from Afghanistan.

The TMF is calling on local veterans and their families to respond in a two-pronged approach:

As a short-term measure, TMF will send volunteers on two-week deployments to military bases housing Afghan refugees. There, these crews will provide food, supplies, emotional support, and other assistance.

Longer term, TMF is recruiting veteran volunteers to assist Afghans in crafting their lives in the U.S. The focus is particularly on the teens and ‘tweens age bracket of evacuees. TMF hopes to seed their future success through mentorships.

TMF also hopes that veteran volunteers benefit from the altruistic outreach. It believes the service may help settle lingering issues stemming from past military conflicts, including America’s longest war.

“It is imperative that we honor our commitment and promises to our Afghan allies, who risked so much to support our military forces over the past 20 years,” said TMF President, Ryan Manion. “It’s of no surprise to me that the first group to step forward and offer assistance to the Afghan evacuees would be our veteran community, who continue to serve our country even after they’ve taken off the uniform.”

More on this story — including information on volunteering for these Afghan relocation efforts — is at the Travis Manion Foundation website.