Bucks County Coffee Shops Brim with Charm, Appeal, and Plenty of Tasty Menu Items

Best Bucks County coffeeshops
Image via Native Cafe at Instagram.

Our area is filled with great places to get a caffeine fix, but some of them stand out from the crowd. Bucks County coffee shops distinguish themselves with something extra: the strongest espresso, the richest cappuccino, or something with a much-needed zing. Nicole Acosta filtered through the best for the Bucks Daily Voice.

These local spots are top-rated based on user-generated review sites, as well as features in local publications.

Native Cafe, 12 South Main Street, Doylestown

Although Native Cafe has been open only about 18 months, this shop has already made a name for itself. In fact, Forbes just recently cited its lavender latte as an integral part of a summer getaway to Bucks County.

The baristas here specialize in latte art. And the morning menu includes a multi-option breakfast sandwich and avocado toast.

The Coffee Room, 15 South State Street, Newtown

The Coffee Room is so confident of its rich blends and expertise brewing methods that it claims that it is actually delectable black — with no cream, sugar, or add-ins. Of course, if you choose to augment it, the cafe’s options include locally sourced milk, soy milk, and almond milk.

Calm Waters Coffee Roasters, 242 Mill Street, Bristol

If you want to chill out at Calm Waters, their iced beverage options are many: cold brew, Vietnamese cold brew, latte, mocha or vanilla latte, Americano, and brewed tea.

Calm Waters is up-front about why they’re in business. Founders Andrew and Jodi post core values on the business’ website. One of them is a promise of authenticity: “When we smile, we mean it. When we laugh, it’s for real. When we serve you coffee, it’s because we think it’s awesome.”

Johnson Hall Coffee House, 3 Hulme Avenue, Hulmeville

Johnson Hall takes the label “coffee house” literally. It serves up a variety of hot and cold beverages (and dishes like crepes, waffes, soup, and paninis).

But it also hosts comedy nights, where it promises a “latte laughs.”


Nonno’s Italian Coffee Parlor, 6 East State Street, Doylestown

Nonno’s Italian Coffee Parlor navigated the COVID-19 pandemic through takeout delivery and indoor/outdoor seating. It respectfully asks customers to be mindful of health regulations and seating restrictions (18 customers at a time).

That said, navigating the shop safely is well worth the effort.

There are 34 beverages — hot and cold — on the menu. And beyond that, a host of desserts are prepared in the finest Italian-namesake-grandma style. Options include sfogliatelle, gelato, and cannoli that are filled to order.

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