Population Data Show Philadelphia To Be One of the Most Racially Segregated Metro Areas in the Country

Nonwhite population concentrations across the Philadelphia region.
Image via 6abc.
Nonwhite population concentrations across the Philadelphia region.
Image via Artem Podrez at Pexels

Philadelphia ranks as the 13th most racially segregated urban area out of the 100 largest metros in the country, write Chad Pradelli, Cheryl Mettendorf, and Maia Rosenfeld for 6abc.

According to an ABC Owned Television Stations analysis of 2019 U.S. Census Bureau data, more than half the neighborhoods in the tristate area ranked as extremely segregated, that is, reporting more than 80 percent all white or 80 percent all non-white residents.

This means that more than half of citizens of the Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington metro area would have to move to another neighborhood to fully integrate the region.

The results of this analysis were no surprise to Anne Fadullon, deputy mayor and director of Philadelphia’s Department of Planning and Development. She is working hard on trying to achieve a less racially segregated population.

“We know that all the data points to if you really have mixed-income, diverse neighborhoods, that that improves outcomes for everybody,” she said.

Meanwhile, Angela McIver, chief executive officer of the Fair Housing Rights Center in Southeastern Pennsylvania emphasized the overall importance of location.

“Where your ZIP code is can determine so much about you, including the type of education that you can access,” she said.

Read more about housing inequity in Philadelphia at 6abc.

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