Bucks County Population Data Show We’re Bucking Trends in Pennsylvania Demographics

Bucks County multiculturalism
Image via newyorkcaresmuralproject at Creative Commons.
The 2010-2020 regional census shows that Bucks County has gained a more multicultural population.

According to new census data, Bucks County is one of the few counties in Pennsylvania showing a population increase over the past decade. Jonathan Tamari and Jonathan Lai reported the trend for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

From 2010-2020, the commonwealth added 300,000 new Pennsylvanians. Most of these newcomers settled in the southeastern part of the state, in urban and suburban areas.

Meanwhile, huge chunks of the rest of the state — particularly rural, whiter areas — recorded a decrease in population.

In Bucks County, the population grew from 625,249 people in 2010 to 646,538 people in 2020. This is a difference of 21,289 people (3.4 percent).

And while it is still predominantly white, Bucks County is getting more diverse over time.

The census shows the following ethnic shifts:

  • Non-Hispanic white population: decreased 21,632
  • Multiracial population: increased 13,465
  • Hispanic population: increased 12,988
  • Asian and Pacific Islander population: increased 11,165
  • Black population: increased 3,823
  • Indigenous American population (and all other races not covered above): increased 1,480

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