New Langhorne Brewery Takes Its Name from Greek Mythology, Hoping for Legendary Results

Aristæus, the Bee-Keeper
Image via the Renegade Tribune.
Aristaeus, the Bee-Keeper, looking like he could use some refreshment. He is the namesake of Aristaeus Craft Brewing Company, Langhorne.

All hail Aristaeus! A craft brewery bearing the Greek god’s name is opening in Langhorne. Kate Fishman heralded the news for the Levittown Patch. 

Harry Arnold, the brewery’s founder, recently held a successful soft-opening. “We appreciate your help in testing out how the taproom operates, and we had a great time meeting so many new people.” Arnold said afterward. 

One significant asset is the brewery’s onsite well. 

“Historically, many beers were made famous because of the water used to brew them,” Arnold explained. 

That’s why he chose to have his well officially certified. He sought to verify that the water was “…untouched by human hands, and not treated with chemicals I’d need to remove anyway. 

“This amazing water will impact not just the beer, but every product that comes from the bar, including the ice, specialty cocktails, fountain soda, cold-brew coffee, and even a simple glass of water,” he said. 

Aristaeus, the business’ namesake, is credited with discovering arts related to manufacturing and craftsmanship, including beekeeping. He was the son of Apollo. 

More on this new brewery is at the Levittown Patch. 

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