Retired Rutgers Biochem Professor Enjoys Second Career: Creating, Collecting and Selling Wonky, Offbeat Art

Dr. Julie Fagan artist Nockamixon State Park
Image via Kathryn Finegan Clark at the Bucks County Herald.

Biochemist Dr. Julie Fagan spent her Rutgers University career in lecture halls and laboratories, schooling students and peering into microscopes. Since retiring, however, she’s reset her vision. She now dabbles in art, rekindling a long-ago interest, reports Kathryn Finegan Clark for the Bucks County Herald. 

Fagan’s Haycock Township property overflows with eclectic sculptures, paintings, and statuary.

Pieces are everywhere, stacked on furniture, balanced on staircases. An entire room is devoted to nudes. A life-sized statue of a baseball player graces a window. Headless white mannequins mark the curving driveway that cuts its way through lawn statuary: a weather balloon, a bear, the Red Baron’s airplane. 

Her interest in others’ art inspired her own. A recent creation of hers resulted in an oversized cow — pink and white — made from a former oil drum. 

A childhood trip to Mexico City inspired interest in the visual medium. “It was so colorful, bold, so visually stimulating,” she said, recalling the trip. “I couldn’t believe it.” 

She’ll be selling 400 or so pieces from her collection, both original and curated, at an August event at Nockamixon State Park. She seeks to keep her art reasonable, setting prices somewhere between two bucks and several hundred dollars. 

“No matter what a person’s income they deserve to have lovely things in their home,” she says. 

More on Dr. Julie Fagan’s artistic flights of fancy is at the Bucks County Herald. 

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