As High School Graduates Process, One Doylestown Student Marches to the Beat of the Social Justice Drum

Sarah Zhang of Central Bucks East High School
Image via WHYY.
Recent racial justice protest organized by
Sarah Zhang of CB-East High School.
Image via Youth 4 Unity.

Sarah Zhang, Central Bucks East High School class of 2021, has made a name for herself already. At 18, she’s a standout, leadership voice in the struggle for area social justice, reports Emily Rizzo for WHYY. 

In response to incidents of racism and targeted violence, Zhang started her own Doylestown activism organization, Youth 4 Unity

Through it — and her other initiatives — she campaigns for goals that include diversity in the school curriculum. She worked toward an increase in literature study surrounding people of color and history curricula that is less Eurocentric. 

The response from the greater community and the school board was tepid at best, she described. 

“That was really frustrating to me as a student, going through the district,” said Zhang, “and knowing that this district had underrepresented me and other minorities.” 

As she prepares for college, she hopes current students in Bucks County will continue the campaign she sparked. 

“Each of their voices are so unique and so powerful,” said Zhang. “We need them to fight against the injustice that we see in our own community.” 

Zhang is headed to University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

She’s already in touch with other incoming first-year students, and has ideas for on-campus events. 

More on this passionately active voice is at WHYY

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