Public Pride: Bucks County Communities Show LGTBQ+ Support with Community Flag Raisings

Councilman David Bria joined Council Vice President Caroline Thompson
Image via Bucks Local News.
Yardley Councilman David Bria and Council Vice President Caroline Thompson.

Objectively, it’s just a rectangle of cloth raised on a tall pole. But symbolically, Bucks County’s Pride Flag raisings have become much more. Jeff Warner explained why in Bucks Local News

During its Pride Month honor, Yardley Borough’s first openly gay Councilman David Bria joined Council Vice President Caroline Thompson outside borough hall. Together, they hoisted the multicolored banner aloft. 

Bria put the event in a greater context. He remembered his youth, when he believed “this country was not going to be for me. 

“To be part of a government that’s raising this flag beneath the American flag and it’s proud of me, it means more than I can say,” he commented. 

Yardley Borough’s ceremony was also accompanied by an official resolution. It affirms the borough’s commitment to “support visibility, dignity and equality of LGBTQ people living and working in our community.” It also cites and recommits to Yardley’s prohibition of discrimination based on sexual identification and gender identity. 

Doylestown held a similar flag-raising event, attended by State Senator Steve Santarsiero. He commented: “Our community is at its best when everyone is free to be who they are and love who they love.” 

More on these commemorations is at Bucks Local News. 

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