Lambertville-New Hope Artist Glams up with Artful Renderings of 21 LGBTQ+ Icons

PrideFest Celebration New Hope
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Dancer Willi Ninja, interpreted by artist Silky Shoemaker
Writer Langston Hughes

Two organizations on opposite sides of the Delaware River are uniting to honor LGBTQ+ icons, part of their annual cohosted PrideFest celebration. The Greater Lambertville Chamber of Commerce and New Hope Celebrates History are behind the art installation of “Queer Icons: Pioneers,” reports 

Artist Silky Shoemaker created the life-sized plywood portraits of LGBTQ+ icons. She will oversee their placement in storefront windows throughout both communities. 

COVID-19 cancelled the communal 2021 parade, but smaller events — like this one and the annual cocktail contest — are still on. 

“The Icons I picked out are from a nearly endless lineage of incredible contenders,” Shoemaker said. “[They] stand out to me for their contributions to society and culture as artists, activists, writers and visionaries. 

Educator Constance Spry

“They were pioneers in their respective fields: civil rights activists, drag performers, dancers, arbiters of rock and roll, baseball players, floral designers, writers, film directors and producers.” 

Each portrait is accompanied by a biography in English and Spanish. 

A map of locations is online

More on this art display is available at

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