May 28 Is Warrington Walking Day… But You’ll Have a Heck of a Commute If You Want to Attend

Warrington town center, Cheshire County, UK
Image via Chester & Cheshire News.
Yup... That's Warrington.

May 28 is Warrington Walking Day, a local holiday when roads are closed to traffic so that church congregations can stroll together. 

To participate, you’ll need appropriate foot ware, perhaps some sunscreen and a passport and international airline ticket. 

Warrington Walking Day is held in Warrington, UK, more than 3,300 miles from Bucks County’s Warrington. 

There are, in fact, at least nine other Warringtons across the globe, according to a compilation by Nathan Okel for the Warrington Guardian (UK). 

That Warrington, the one with the veddy proper British accent, sits on the River Mersey. From its beginnings as a shipping site, it has grown into the largest town in Cheshire County, according to information from the borough council. 

There’s even a second Warrington in Great Britain. It’s a tiny parish in the Borough of Milton Keynes, about 150 miles southwest. 

In its list of global Warringtons, the Pennsylvania version did get a mention, including its 1734 naming after the Cheshire location. 

The list also spotlighted Warringtons in New Zealand and Florida. 

More about worldwide Warringtons is at the Warrington Guardian. 

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