Spark of Romance Is Easy to Kindle in Former Lambertville Fire Station B&B

Image via AirBNB.
The bright and cheery living room gives no indication that this site once held ladders, hoses, boots and helmets.

New Hope accommodations run the gamut from upscale swanky to homespun cozy. But one local B&B offers something that will fire up weekenders who seek something different in where they stay. 

A 19th century fire station in Lambertville now stands as a plush and wholly unique lodging site. Gone are the horse stalls, poles and fire bells, although the latter might have made for a unique wake-up call if it were somehow Wi-Fi connected to a phone alarm. 

In their place are two bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, Victorian details and a roof deck. 

Oh, and the place is pet friendly. What Dalmatian wouldn’t feel right at home here? 

The décor leans heavily on contemporary art, with colorful tapestries, bold-print pillows, unique statuary and patterned window treatments. 

The antique structure has all the 21st century necessities: speedy Internet, massaging shower sprays, impressive sound system, and double-oven stove. 

The multi-level lodging does require the ability to navigate stairs, given the building’s tall, thin rise. 

One reviewer, Amanda, called it “Clean, funky, and comfortable.” 

More information on this unusual setting for a New Hope getaway is at AirBNB


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