Pennsylvania Eases COVID-19 Restrictions Further Two Weeks before Full Lift

Image via Tim Tai at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Masked visitors at the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Pennsylvania further relaxed state COVID-19 restrictions this week. In another 14 days, most coronavirus-related mitigation measures (except for masking) will also go, write Erin McCarthy and Rob Tornoe for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Keystone State has increased the capacity for indoor events to 50 percent from 25 percent, and the capacity for outdoor events to 75 percent from 50 percent. This does not apply to Philadelphia, which has its reopening plan.

Governor Tom Wolf attributed the easing of restrictions to evolving federal guidance and the state’s vaccination rate.

“We recognize the significant strain businesses have faced during COVID-19 mitigation efforts,” said Wolf. “Throughout the last year and half, we have seen businesses continue to put the safety of their patrons first and I believe they will continue to do so even with this capacity increase.”

Unvaccinated citizens must still mask-up. The recommended ix-foot social distancing advisement also stays. A vaccination level of 70 percent of adults 18+ will cancel these last two health caveats. Currently, that number is around 48 percent.

Read more about the COVID-19 restrictions in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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