PennDOT Grant Funds Smoother Takeoffs at Bucks County Airports

Doylestown Airport
Image via SkyVector.
Doylestown Airport, Northeast View

The taxiways at Doylestown Airport will support gentler takeoffs, thanks to a statewide Department of Transportation grant paying for their repavement, reports ConnectRadio FM.

State dollars are funding enhancements to the smaller airfield in Quakertown as well.

The local projects are part of a $10 million allotment of infrastructure support for 12 airports across the Commonwealth. 

The $150,000 Doylestown funding will upgrade the runways and the surface of the parking area. 

Quakertown Airport’s spruce-up, also valued at $150,000, will renovate the terminal building to improve its exterior and gain energy efficiencies.  

Improvement dollars are also heading from Harrisburg to nearby Lehigh Valley International Airport. Its nearly $2-million investment is to boost its security checkpoints and enhance commercial-flight terminal connectivity. 

“Aviation plays a vital role in keeping our state’s economy moving,” Governor Wolf said. “These investments will help Pennsylvania’s airports operate safely, expand to meet current demands, and sustain growth well into the future.”  

As of April 2021, Pennsylvania ranks 16th in the country in the number of public-use aviation facilities.   

SkyVector, an online resource that monitors air traffic, reported the following annual statistics on Bucks County’s nearest airports: 

  • Doylestown Airport: 3,000 air taxi flights and 15 military flights 
  • Quakertown Airport: 250 air taxi flights and 25 military flights 
  • Lehigh Valley International Airport: 11,600 commercial flights and 9,500 air taxi flights 

More on improvements coming to Pennsylvania airports is at ConnectRadio FM

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