Doylestown Township Police Look to Cool Down Hot-Headed Drivers

Doylestown Police Road Rage
Image via beelgin at Creative Commons.

Teeth-gritting, horn-leaning, brake-stomping drivers in Doylestown should chill, according to a report from Shawnette Wilson for FOX29 News

The township’s penalty for behind-the-wheel aggression is something even more aggravating: hefty fines. 

As part of its renewed effort, officers target typical dangerous on-road behaviors. “Speeding vehicles, vehicles weaving through traffic, red light and stop sign violations,” listed Police Lieutenant Charles Zeigler. 

One statute that Doylestown patrols are reminding drivers about is the “Move Over” law. 

It applies to passing a stopped police car or ambulance on the right shoulder of a four-lane road, Drivers must slowly merge to a left lane, away from the stopped vehicles, and glide by slowly. 

Missing that one today will cost you $250. 

Missing it tomorrow will cost you $500, plus two points. 

The penalties go up April 27. 

You’ve been warned. 

More on the crackdown on aggressive driving is at FOX29 News

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