Patron of Quakertown Eateries Takes Delight in Giving Over-the-Top Tips

Image via Steven M. Falk at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Emily George (left) and Wendy Mosko at the Brick Tavern Inn.
Emily George’s online appeal for contributions to a tip challenge.

A post-meal “tip” was once theorized to be an acronym for “to insure promptness.” A patron at various eateries in Doylestown has now turned it into “to inspire people,” reports Rita Giordano for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Wendy Mosko, a server at the Brick Tavern Inn in Quakertown, popped her eyes open at receiving a triple-digit tip from diner Emily George. But she is just one of many benefactors of George’s effort to support the local pandemic-affected restaurant business. 

George, a Quakertown nurse, has been at this for the past 10 weeks. She collects funds via Venmo as part of an online tip challenge. 

Her initial Facebook fundraising request was well received, garnering $280. She tipped it to a waiter who served her a $20 breakfast. 

That’s 1,400 percent. 

George continued to collect, spread the love and inspire. By the time the challenge ended, she had sprinkled more than $5,000 to 17 local restaurants. 

George said the challenge has done her good. But she demurs over the credit. 

“I’m very lucky to live in a community where I put up a Venmo and I say, ‘Help me with my tip challenge,’ and for 10 weeks, people throw in money every week,” George said. 

“That’s pretty awesome.” 

More detail about this area largesse is at The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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