Quakertown Six-Year-Old Takes Selling of Girl Scout Cookies Amid a Pandemic to Next Level


While all Girl Scouts have had to change their strategy for selling cookies during the pandemic, one six-year-old Quakertown girl brought it to a whole new level, writes Alicia Vitarelli for 6abc.

Kenzie Keefe and her family created her own cookie truck to sell Girl Scout cookies.
Image via 6abc video.

Kenzie Keefe—with the help of her parents—took the famous cookies on the road. The family created a cookie truck, which they parked in front of their home on Main Street.

“We wanted to give her that chance to still have the interaction with people,” said Crystal Keefe, Kenzie’s mother. “We wanted to make it special, more than just a table, something that people would want to come see.”

The fun-looking cookie truck has a selling window and a little heater to ensure the girl scout stays warm while selling the popular treats.

The idea turned out to be a big hit.

With Kenzie being a natural saleswoman, she has already managed to double her sales goal and with her reenvisioning she imagines that cookie sales are guaranteed to continue bringing in even more customers.

Read more about the entrepreneurial Girl Scout at 6abc here.

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