Hail the Trails! Two Bucks County Byways Gain Philly Mag Recommendation for Cyclists

Image via Ben Williams at Creative Commons

Two Bucks County bike trails are among the 19 best trails in the Philadelphia region that have been cited as being the best. Conducting the research to arrive at the area “Schwinners” was Philadelphia Magazine

Cyclists looking to cover a sizeable distance with lots of changing scenery should head to the Delaware Canal Towpath

This route offers beautiful and constantly changing nature-filled views along its extensive 58.9 miles. There are plenty of spring petals to watch from your pedals. 

Looping options are available for those who prefer to enjoy a shorter jaunt. Connections to these around-and-back excursions can be found in Uhlerstown, Lumberville, Center Bridge, Washington Crossing, and Morrisville. 

Meanwhile, Tyler State Park Trail is ideal for family-friendly paved cruising. However, the park allows biking only on its paved paths, which are open to multiple users. This means that on an average spring/summer weekend, riders will most likely be sharing the route with walkers, runners and strollers. Caution is advised. 

The greenery-filled park offers 10.5 miles of trail that can be accessed from 101 Swamp Road in Newtown. 

Read more about the best local bike trails in the Philadelphia Magazine

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